Ideal Brands adult briefs are designed with consideration of maintaining user’s life style and comfort, and manufactured in Los Angeles, California. Our adult diapers are perfectly fitted for both men and women. Ideal Brands briefs are fit for all types of incontinence, usually caused by aging, stress or urge.

What product is right for me?

All of our products are made to meet the needs of those with mild to heavy incontinence, as well as those with bowel incontinence. Our adult briefs have features such as Wetness Indicators. Our briefs lines are Latex Free, and they are dual core to provide better absorbency. High quality standard is used in manufacturing our adult diapers to offer dependable products to consumers as their satisfaction is first.

Our TRIM MAT Series  brief lines are designed with consideration of end user comfort and better absorbency. Trim Mat brief series provide the assurance of dryness. This is achieved though the more expanded heavier core of fluff. The ULTRA Series brief line provides high level of absorbency, dryness and comfort with added extra Super Absorbent material, added extra fluff. The Ultra brief line is designed with Frontal Tape with a larger tape landing zone and Leg Gathers.

All products are Latex Free, and also soft and extra fluffy for more comfort and protection without any extra bulk. The extra protection comes from the ultra absorbent core and the Wetness Indicators so the briefs can be changed at the appropriate time. Our waterproof backing is additional assurance and protection from leakage.

All TRIM MAT Series, ULTRA Series briefs are designed with re-sealable fastener tapes. The added acquisition layer on our briefs, provide better transition and distribution of fluid into the dual core fluff design. These features aid keeping skin dry. Our waterproof backing is an added assurance and protection from leakage. Our ULTRA PLUS Series provides extreme absorbency and protection from leakage with leg gathers and frontal tape for better fit and refastening as needed. Our IC-1500 series provides basic protection and an economical brief. All packaging are extra compacted for efficient storage and stacking.  You may also want to try our IC 1800 Series

BREATHABLE Brief Series of B-5000 Series are soft to the skin.  "IDEAL"  B-5000 Series breathable briefs are designed for ideal comfort and absorbency.

Please remember all products are designed for ease of use. If you have further questions, please contact us at

Which Products by Ideal Brands are covered on State of California   “Medi Cal” Program?

For more detail information for covered products on Medi-Cal program, please visit the following links:

Information for Adult Briefs

Information for Underpads

Information for Protective Underwear



What are the sizes offered for the “Ideal” adult briefs?

Ideal” adult briefs are offered in 5 sizes with its own distinguished coloring for each size. All sizes are designed for perfect fit and comfort.
Following table will enable you to choose the right size and it will allow you distinguish its respective colors from each other.


Waist Size

Product Color


15 to 22 inches (38 to 56 cm)



20 to 31 inches (50 to 79 cm)



31 to 44 inches (79 to 112 cm)



44 to 58 inches (112 to 148 cm)



56 to 64 inches (142 to 163 cm)



62 to 70 inches (158 to 178 cm)




IC-4060   (Youth)

IC-4062   (Small)

IC-4064   (Medium)

IC-4066   (Large)

IC-4068   (X-Large)

5000 Series Breathable

B-5004    (Medium)

B-5006    (Large)

B-5008    (X-Large)

B-5010    (XX-Large)

ULTRA Series

IC-4060-ULTRA  (Youth)

IC-4062-ULTRA  (Small)

IC-4064-ULTRA  (Medium)

IC-4066-ULTRA  (Large)

IC-4068-ULTRA  (X-Large)


IC-8204    (Medium) 

IC-8206    (Large)

IC-8208    (X-Large)

1500 Series

IC-1506    (Large)

IC-1508    (X-Large)

1800 Series

IC-1804    (Medium)

IC-1806    (Large)

IC-1808    (X-Large)


Our protective underwear has standing leg gathers effective as anti-leak guard and better containment, and it also provides a snug fit. Our Pull Ups waist bands are extremely soft which is very soft on skin. Both our Regular Day Time Protective Underwear and our Night Time Protective Underwear are extremely absorbent which helps in staying dry and odor control. Our Night Time Pull Up provides additional absorbency and protection over our Regular Day Time product. 




PU-440    (Medium)

PU-460    (Large)

PU-480    (X-Large)



All of our underpads are designed with waterproof backing with extra fluff.  Our underpads all contain Super Absorbent material for extra liquid retention at a more rapid pace.

Item  #


Case Quantity

IU- 2336

23 X 36

150 count


28 X 70

75 count


30 X 36

75 count


30 X 36

90 count


30 X 36

100 count

  IU-3036-120-NT   30 X 36   120 count 


30 X 30

100 count

  IU-3030-75   30 X 30     75 count 
  IU-3030-90   30 x 30     90 count 
  IU-3030-120    30 x 30    120 count 


30 X 30

75 count


30 X 36

100 count


30 X 36

120 count


30 X 36

90 count


30 X 36

105 count


Our Disposable Wet Wipes are thick and strong yet gentle on the skin.  From Baby to Adult, all of our Disposable Wet Wipes are Hypo- Allergenic and 100% alcohol free. 

Choose from three great categories of products: Our Baby Wipes come in convenient plastic packs with easy to use resealable tops. They are especially made for baby's sensitive skin but are absorbent enough to clean up all kinds of jobs. Our Adult Wipes are big and tough yet gentle enough for all skin types. They are extra absorbent and are packed in plastic resealable packs for easy use.  With our Personal/Travel Wipes you can have the same fresh clean feeling on the go! Our personal/Travel Wipes are packed in compact pouches with 10 wipes in each convenient pack. They are small enough to fit in anything and clean up everything. Take them along in a diaper bag, in your car, pocket or purse.

All of our products are offered either with a great Fresh Scent with a touch of Aloe Vera, or if you prefer, they all come Unscented.

Item #



Case Quantity


Scented Adult Wipes (48 count)

7.9 X12.4 inch (20X31.5cm)

12 packs of 48 count


Unscented Adult Wipes (48 count)

7.9 X12.4 inch (20X31.5cm)

12 packs of 48 count


Where can I obtain Ideal Brands products?

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